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Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates bad debt and gives you a fresh start.  Most people who file Chapter 7 in Los Angeles keep all of their property and discharge all of their debt.  If you have too much credit card debt and cannot afford to pay your bills and living expenses, Chapter 7 may be right for you. 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a repayment plan where you pay what you can for a time, after which any remaining balances are discharged.  Chapter 13 stops foreclosure and allows you to catch up on past due amounts over time.  In Chapter 13 you can also get vehicles back after repossession, reduce loan balances, and remove liens from your property. 

Bankruptcy courthouse


Real estate law is a broad concept that touches upon all aspects of real property, from ownership disputes to purchase and sales transactions.  As a real estate lawyer in Long Beach California we represent clients in quiet title, partition, easements, trespass, deed transfers, co-tenancy agreements, property held in trust, purchase and sale transactions, and commercial and residential leases.  Whether you're in the middle of a dispute or your trying to be proactive to avoid future disputes, we have the experience and know how to get you the very best results under the law.

Homestead exemption


Avoiding probate is one of the primary reasons you need an estate plan that includes a revocable living trust.  A trust passes property to your beneficiaries as you direct after you pass without the time, expense and delay of probate.  Probate is a court supervised process to determine the decedent's beneficiaries, pay their creditors, and distribute the remaining assets to those entitled to them under decedent's last will and testament or California's law of intestate succession.  A typical probate case takes between 9 and 18 months to complete, but can take much longer depending on the circumstances of the case.  If you are in need of an estate plan, or have a loved one who has died and think you may need the assistance of an experienced probate lawyer in Long Beach California, contact our office today for a free consultation.

Family estate planning
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